What is Reality of Madness?

Reality of Madness (RoM) is a Play-to-earn Metaverse based on Blockchain technology that contains 5 games and 1 player hub that is shared between the 5 games, in total there are 15 game modes! the variety of games is to accommodate each player in the way they want to play the Metaverse, From being just a collectionist, just looking at your Player HUB, or playing a more competitive game for championships

NFTs in RoM Universe

Everything that is cosmetic is an NFT in this world, to simplify this, only Skins are NFTs, the rest of the game work like web2 games, where you have to earn the Items to improve your character

Welcome to the World of Zhion

A planet where everything changed after the events of the great release, when Rick explored the big temple uncovering the great mystery of the Vetirent's and their unique old technology of dimensional travel.

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