The Dev Collection

The RoM Dev Collection consists of 30 card units that showcase the first 30 heroes of ROM Mobas game: The Heroes Supremacy, its purpose is to serve as the tickets to the board of directors' chairs.

Inventory planning:

• 10 NFTS for Investors

• 20 NFTS for Dev Team Dev

Team holders:

• 20 IDS

The Heroes Showcase is:

• Alyndra

• Argurs

• Benzzer

• Daysi Walker

• Faylen

• Gaelin

• General Akkar

• Gromler

• Jirgen

• Kioguin

• Lady Amy

• Lord Croulyn

• Lord Khyon

• Lord Kolgun

• Lord Treek

• Murk

• Nariel

• Olcron

• Oudera

• Ourlan

• Quirell

• Robbyn

• Saria

• Sir William

• Tala

• Valxina

• Lucille

• Van Pelt

• Yuan Khon

• Zhorm


RoM has 3 playable factions, tho this does not affect every game, every hero in this collection is from one of these factions:

Emperor's Armada RED

Civil Defense GREEN

Extraneus Mercenarius PURPLE

The target of the DEV Collection?

The collection points directly to a part of the Dev Team and some investors, these NFTs are not going to be sold into Public sales, and provide benefits that are listed below. The idea behind holding these NFTs is to have some power in the decision of the future of the universe, meaning holding one, will give access to propose changes to the game, Economically, Visually, and in Gameplay.

DEV Collection Benefits

✔ Chair of the Board of Directors of IDS

✔ Unique NFTs inside the universe of ROM

✔ Each NFT equals 3.33% of Game revenue

✔ Access to all the Vanity NFTs

✔ Inspired Heroes 5 Genesis NFTs (Only for investors)

Can I sell my Dev Collection NFT?

Yes, for the DEV team, it will be a lockdown period of 5 years for not selling their parts. For Investors, there is no lockdown period.

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