The Release of Madness

The Metaverse tells the history of the Multiverse, the narrative is the point of view of the historians of the Zhionist dimension, during our gaming we uncover some of the biggest secrets of the multiverse, events, and some other dimensions that exist in the same Multiverse

Also, we discover the Existence of the Vetirent one of the biggest advanced races in the Multiverse, until the moment of the great release or the release of madness (as we later call it) this Civilization was just a myth, on our dimension they were the ones helping us building pyramids and ancient artifacts, the Vetirent's dedicated their entire existence to explore the Multiverse and it bast dimensions and worlds, on the Vetirent’s Archive its mention that there are 9.685.128 known dimensions (that has been explored for the Vetirent at least)

Advance or not, they are not gods and were not able to escape war or extinction, since the great release they are not were to be found

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