In Game Systems

Seasonal System

Our season's workaround theme for each season we will have a special theme and special NFTs dedicated to it!

The entire universe will move into the same theme and have the same NFTs, this includes modifications to the environment, characters and theme of the universe in general! Those factors that modify the game are:

Seasonal NFTs

These NFTs (In-game and External NFTs) are only for the season they were sold on! If you are lucky enough to get one during the season or buy them from an external Marketplace, you may sell them in the future for the highest prices! The Auction house will be your go-to for this matter!

Seasonal In-game events

The events will be the main attraction of the seasons! and most of the rewards will be based on those events! that will host every type of event like:

  • MissionsDaily

  • QuestWeekly

  • QuestMonthly Quest

  • 1-Time questSeasonal

  • Achievements that are based on these events

Seasonal In-game achievements

These achievements will be for a variety of activities inside the game! could be things like just playing x amount of time, killing X amount of enemies! you will be able to consult them on your account profile to make sure you know exactly what to do. Also, you will be able to track them with the interface!

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