The Metaverse cover 2 types of factions:

• Playable Factions are the ones that the player is able to play in our games, representing their colors and winning something from that faction and adding to the feel of being part of a bigger nation.

• NPC Factions are the ones that hold all of our non-player characters most of them are involved in the Lore by giving us missions, quests, and other goodies.

The 3 Playable Factions are:

Emperor's Armada

Part of the Red Empire, Anrak is the leader, a cruel dictator that enjoys anarchy and corrupts the people under his mantle to achieve every objective he has.

Civil Defense

Fighting the Emperor’s Armada at all costs to defend their people and the beauty of Zhion nature, preventing the world to welcome a desolate mass under the control of the Red Empire.

Extraneus Mercenarius

Newcomers and old folks, most of the members of this factions are not interested in war nor care about Zhion to even fight the Red Empire or the Civil Defense, they just care about one thing Ancient Gold and will not stop until they get every last coin.

This section covers the Playable Factions for each Dimension faction visit their page

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