RoM Universe

The Heroes Supremacy

Beta by Q4/2022

Moba Style game, with a few changes of game style and a few game modes, including an RTS, Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, capture the flag and a few others.

The Search for Vetirent’s

Beta by Q4/2022

Turn base game, explore what happened after the Great Release, and try to find the remanence of Vetirent’s scatter around the Multiverse.

The Player Fortress

Beta by Q4/2022

Each Player will get their own dimension where they can build anything they want and welcome their own Fortress in the Metaverse where everything is decided by them.

The Release of Madness

Beta by Q4/2023

RPG MMO: Starting with exploring the cave of Vetirent’s in Zhion together with Jhon and discover all that happened after the Great Release, Forge Alliances and play together with your faction to conquest Zhion land in a massive world.

The Battle for Zhion

Beta by Q4/2023

FPS Game: Join the Forces on the battlefield, Zhion is still at war and all the factions trying to control their land, Battle Royal Mode, And all the classic modes for this one.

Vetirent’s magic card’s

Beta by Q4/2024

Card Game: Play with forces of the unknown and discover some new magic styles inside these Cards, all the NFTs from the universe are cards!.

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